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Fine Art Gallery

We are a 6,200 square-foot business located near luxury resorts, million-dollar homes and yachts. Our gallery exists to present quality art in a superior environment, and to nurture the credibility and value of each artist.


International Magazine 

We are a prestigious art magazine visible throughout the world. This is the most influential brand marketing piece to reach your audience, gain maximum exposure, and ultimatelyincreases your sales.


Art Fairs

We participate in first-class art fairs and important trade shows attracting the serious attention of active art buyers from around the world. We handle all the imperative details for ahigh-quality presentation.


Event Rental Space

We know location is the key to creating a successful event and the place that you choose to hold your event has a tremendous impact on the atmosphere and the general feel in the roomwhen it takes place.

Artist Guide

Our Exhibition & Marketing Opportunities


        Professional Experience

We have established the criteria, understanding, and necessities of operating a successful art business to better serve you. We believe in community, build lasting relationships, and supporting artists globally.

        Key Industry Connections

We uphold an important database of private collectors, interior designers, set decorators, corporate art consultants, galleries, major art fairs, and licensing companies from which to build your recognition.

        Commitment To Service

We help you achieve success through one-on-one consultations, portfolio reviews, quality exhibitions and public relations. We keep long business hours and promptly reply to your emails and phone calls.

        Driven Sales Initiative

We are passionate about art, helping you promote your work, and grow your career. You should receive fair compensation for your talent and we are motivated to make that happen through all our best efforts.

        Building Brand Status

We understand that artist-gallery representation is very subjective and varies, to a great extent, from person to person and place to place. Our objective is to nurture your credibility and escalate value.

        Effective Publicity Tools

We strive for you to obtain your career goals and aspirations with competent email campaigns, modern promotional graphics, sophisticated website development, engaging videos, and compelling books.

"Artblend put me on the map. They sold many of my works and are the most trustworthy individuals in our industry. They pay quickly and are very professional. I've worked with them over the past seven years and it was one of the best career moves I have made."

− Dan Menta, Artist

"I am impressed with the academic style of the magazine. In the sea of magazines that attempt to communicate the trends within the Art Market today, few hit the target. Artblend may be one of the few that score top points. Nice job!"

− Rick F. Barnett, Managing Director/Business Development, Redwood Media Group

"I now have a better understanding of your methods and how I can profit from your marketing strategies. Thank you for your support and for your professional dedication to the art world, and I’m looking forward to a lasting representation."

− James Pothier, Artist

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