“Bold organics and depth psychology expressing the joy gleaned through freedom of controlled gesture.”

I grew up in New York City but came from a family of recluses so I really didn’t get to enjoy the nightlife very much! Instead I busied myself with books and drawing. When we finally began taking trips to the Hamptons, before the developers deforested the area, I discovered the woods and ocean, silence, cicadas, wild berries and where my true love lies: in the peace of a summer afternoon far away from the chaos of elites and the destruction of our planet Earth. I consider my abstracts to embody the expressionists’ bold organics and depth psychology. I work using rhythm and movement with no planned goal for any piece. Because I dance and practice martial arts I think my paintings express the joy gleaned through freedom of controlled gesture. This amazement reminds me of those afternoons when I would ride my bike up and down the hills of a timeless, unforgettable and long-lost Hamptons on Long Island, NY.