A wonderful experience, making dreams come true.

Jennifer Pazienza

Artblend is professional and does an outstanding job with marketing an artist's work.

Christine Alfery

I can’t express enough how much I grew as an artist through Artblend.

Victor Pedelty

They exceeded my expectations, were very attentive to anything I needed, and are true professionals.

Roxana Sora

Artblend is very trustworthy, sold my art, and is the best career move I have made.

Dan Menta

Very responsive, provide a great service, and do their best to present your art in the best way possible.

Stan Adard

Artblend makes the artists feel important, valuable, and they are absolutely amazing.

Dawn Stringer


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Christine Alfery

Jennifer Ardolino

Yochi Yakir-Avin

Christian Bakker

Sylvia Bakker

Laura Benjamin

Barbara Bilotta

Stephen Blancett

Patricia Brintle

Ron Burkhardt

Carol Carpenter

Samantha Carell

Yolanta Desjardins

Tristina Dietz Elmes

Melissa Maddonni Haims

Cheryl Hrudka

Gregory Johnson

Michael Joseph

Angela Keller

Hyun Jung Kim

CLJ Lancaster

Laurence Levine

Katherine Liepe-Levinson

Carol Lieberman

Candelaria Magliano

Jøran Juveli Marstrander

Jim McCormick

Allan McDonald

Gabriel Munguia

Amanda S. Narain

Carol Brooks Parker

Jennifer Pazienza

Anna Paola Pizzocaro

Claudia Ramos

Ellen Hallie Schiff

Aaron Schwartz

Barry Seidman

Karen Shulman

Travis Stokes

Sabine Stromeyer

Robin Swennes

Monica Tambini

Bianca Turner

Glen VarnHagen

Scott Weingarten

George Wolberg

Ekaterina Zacharova