“The exploration of my ideas is done in photographic series”

Barry Seidman grew up in New York’s fast-paced advertising business establishing him as one of the top advertising print media photographers in the country. He specialized in still-life photography and worked for the top international brands. Seidman now devotes his time to fine art photography, which is enthusiastically collected around the world. “My work”, Seidman says, “is more akin to a painter in a studio than a photographer making snapshots. I choose not to go out into the world and bring back what I’ve seen, but to start with a concept, pre-visualizing and then executing it. I see that which is often overlooked. Highlighting what I see and how I see it, the finished work is then presented larger than life, inviting the viewer to walk in the landscape of my mind’s eye. Still life affords me ultimate control to subtract the unnecessary. My images then create an illusion of simplicity. At times inspiration is illusive, but then there it is – like magic – in the revelation of imagined images.”