“My art aims at drawing you in this suspended state where subtle life flow creates beauty and healing.”

Chantal was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and currently works from her studio in Montreal. She recently won awards granted by the Artist’s Magazine, Manhattan Arts International and American Arts, in connection with juried and curated events. Her art has been exhibited at curated shows held in Canada, the United States and in Europe. Her art is also found in private collections in Canada and Europe and has been commissioned for display at the Montreal’s Ste-Justine Children’s Hospital. Chantal’s fascination with art began in her childhood and teenage years when she practiced, drawing, music and classical ballet. Throughout her later years working in the finance sector and while posted in Asia and Europe, she studied landscapes, developed an eye for negative space and took up photography and painting. Chantal is inspired by a reputable art critic and mentor. An active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, her education includes coaching and training from accomplished artists and formal education at fine arts education centres in Canada and the United States. She is currently working on new collections and preparing a body of work for future exhibitions.