“A photograph is essentially created up to the time of pressing the shutter.”

Photographer-artist James Schot began his journey to South Florida in Indonesia.  Between his birth in the Far East and residence in Florida, he has traveled extensively. His photographic career began in Los Angeles, where after service in the Vietnam conflict and obtaining a degree in TV/Film Production, he became photographer for Vivitar Corporation, a photographic products company, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and experience in photography.   From there came commercial photography for companies such as Estee Lauder.  In 1985 he moved east to Martha’s Vineyard.  It was ten years after beginning his freelance career when James felt ready; mentally equipped and compelled to enter the challenging realm of fine art photography.  His most prestigious accolade is having his book “Illusions of Martha’s Vineyard” accepted for inclusion by the renowned Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England.  His vision explores photography in its artistic form and as art; his conviction is a piece of film/file is a blank canvas.