Mixed Media

“My work visually expresses the joy I find in the richness and complexity of life.”

My mixed media images are a mixture of digital and traditional methods. They illustrate the complexity and fluid movement of life. I feel that creating my art is like jazz; it has an underlying unity with infinite variety and possibilities. As a digital artist, I use the traditional techniques of natural media as well as the creation of fractals and other design elements to build a structure celebrating the wonder of life. I am always exploring new methods of bringing my art outside of the computer. I am currently working with metal, copper and aluminum, and combining it with prints of my digital imagery. Each piece is protected by coats of acrylic resin to “seal it in glass”. Natural objects, faith and beliefs, mysterious depths and richness of shapes and textures, all come to life and vibrate in the colors and luminescence of the images. Intuitively created, my work is anchored in a reality while showing the mysterious depths contained in all things.