“My style reflects a modern impression of landscapes, still life, and abstract forms.”

Jim Otrembiak is an American self-taught artist; a Chicago-born twin.  He received a bachelor degree at Loyola University, attending art classes under Juliet Rago in 1975. In 1983, upon moving to Cincinnati, he joined an art co-op of 10 artists on Fourth Street, Merchant Gallery, which financed its own openings every month with member artists.  He was a member from 1983-85, during which he was accepted as an active member of the Cincinnati Art Club. His studio, Studio 224, opened at Pendleton Art Center, Cincinnati in February 2002, and continues to host open house events the last Friday of every month with other artist members. His favorite subjects include water scenes, leaves, gardens, and fountains.  A typical observer will comment that his paintings remind them so much of familiar places, tranquil and quiet. Ordinary scenes are interpreted with new life and dimension, calm and warmth, with his brushes and paint.