Mixed Media

“Razor blades became my new paint brushes and candy wrappers replaced my paints!”

Laura Benjamin has been both an artist and an art educator for 50 years. She earned graduate degrees in Fine Arts, Art Education and Textile Design. Over 5 decades she was most influenced by the POP ART movement. Having always had an interest in mixed media, her current work is now a combination of both POP and Collage. Since 2008 she has been creating a body of work dubbed “Candy Wrapper Collage”. Utilizing torn, cut and expired candy wrappers and their packaging, Laura renders her subjects in diverse and colorful forms. She creates representational images of celebrities and pop-culture objects. The wrappers are manipulated to give color, form, movement and whimsy to the subjects, creating both a carnal delight and an exciting visual effect. Laura’s work is inspired by the sensual delight of sweets. The physical wrappers serve the colors of the subjects as well as the candy names serve to comment on the subject they are portraying. The result that she aims for is a nuanced iconography that is visually energizing, provocative and humorous.