“What is this life, if full of care…we have not time to stand and stare.”

My works are based on natural lines in nature and capturing things that we all see every day, but in many instances, fail to notice, because of the hurried nature of our lives.  The photographs serve as a respite so people can take in the beauty of everyday objects transformed by my creative process. They’re designed to encourage individuals to stand, contemplate and take the time to ingest the images captured on film.  Furthermore, my goal as an artist is to transplant the viewer into the image, so as to being able to see it and interpreted it through their own experience and reality, so they’re able to connect with my work on a numerous levels. The images evoke memories and impressions that one may remember from the past or present. They give the viewer a diverse sensory experience of light, shadow, contrast. I use vibrant monochromatic color and full color in my new works.