“My photos tell a story of every place and person from a new perspective”

Born in Russia, based in Switzerland, Olga dedicates all her free time to discovering the beauty of the world with her camera. She traveled over 20 countries to capture exceptional nature, city vibes and culture. Her photos tell us a story of every city and person from a new perspective. Her photos design many homes and galleries. As a photographer Olga stands out with her ability and desire to travel around the world almost all year long. She explored with photo tours areas in Africa, America, Antarctica, and Australia Olga’s exhibition experience started in the city of New York in May 2017. Two of her works were shown at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair where all famous artists and designers present their unique approach to art. Furthermore, one week later three of her photos were successfully exhibited in Agora Gallery NYC. In November 2017 we had a chance to see Olga’s art works in the International Exhibition “Ways of Looking” in Berlin, Germany. In November to December 2017 International European art society has invited Olga to participate in the International Art Exhibition “Little Treasures” in Bologna, Italy. It is a famous event featuring small works formatted 20 x 20 cm.