Mixed Media

“Re-Create is an interactive, ever-changing art that sparks imagination, creativity and playfulness.”

Majie Lavergne is an award-winning French Abstract painter, born in Paris, France, now living in Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada. In his art, there are two distinct streams; Abstraction and Interactive Art. His interest in Interactive Art stems from his lifelong fascination with any art form that challenges the traditional rigid boundary between “artist” and “audience”. Beginning from Majie’s own composition/configuration the viewer is invited to trespass beyond looking to touching and ultimately stepping into the role of artist/creator. In his abstract work, Majie is interested in the rich dialogue between unplanned gestural raw movements and decisive lines or geometric shapes. Majie’s work has appeared in more than 20 solo and group exhibitions, in Paris, the United States and Canada.  He has received three awards by the Federation of Canadian Artists. In 2015, Majie and his solo show in Vancouver were featured by both CBC TV & Radio Canada. In 2016 CBC Radio Canada TV did a reportage on Majie highlighting his Interactive Art, Re-Create. Articles have been published on his work in PBQ News, Nanaimo Bulletin News and La Source. Majie’s art is included in many private collections in the US, France and Canada.