Mixed Media

“In this work I pursue a more complete understanding of pattern via outlets other than geometry.”

Artist, architect & sculptor Robert James McElwee studied painting and sculpture at William Carey College and architecture at Tulane University where he earned a Master of Architecture. He also studied in England on an AIA Fellowship and at USF School of Art on a Fellowship. Robert’s fascination with pattern established by geometry began early in both his art and architectural training. Books on dynamic symmetry and hidden lines of organization reinforced this fascination early in architecture school. During his architecture career in Chicago, Robert had several projects published and awarded by either the AIA or the ASID. He attributed the success of these projects to his avid interest in spatial organization and embedded symbolism in the space. His focus shifted back to art in 2008. Since then his art has both shown in juried museum exhibitions and been published in several art periodicals. The work shown here is the result of subjecting composites, metalized plastic and other media to dynamic forces. The effects are chaotic, spontaneously ordered fractures, tracks, and marks that reveal new patterns of organization. Internalized experiences of stress, time and metamorphosis inform both the conceptual and the physical processes in the work.